We are Renovating to serve you better...

We are Renovating to serve you better...

We are Renovating to serve you better...

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  • Ship Rubber
  • Seals
  • Sponges
  • Seals
  • Rubber Bellows
  • Cover Tires

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Ergin Kauçuk


EPDM Profile Body Tires

Açıklama Eng

Ergin Kauçuk


Hatch Cover Corner Tires

Açıklama Eng

Ergin Kauçuk


Hatch Cover Tires

Açıklama Eng

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Rubber is a durable, flexible material obtained from the rubber tree, which has a great place in today's industry. Rubber, which is found in products such as shoes, raincoats, buttons, combs and belts that we use in our daily life, is also widely used in car tires. The rubber tree takes its name from 'kauçi', which means weeping tree in the language of the Indians. Seeing that a white, sticky, milky liquid flows from the tree, the locals dry it over time and start making toy balls. After many years, rubber starts to be used in Europe.

Established in 1961, Ergin Kauçuk produces sponge rubber solid profiles using the latest technology. It continues to produce tires in various forms such as ship hatch cover tires, corner tires, porthole tires, body tires, o-ring profiles, custom-sized rubber profiles, manhole cover seals. ...

Considering its strategy in 2020, Ergin Kauçuk took care to balance its profitability level with its market share. The company considers technological transformation, which it deems necessary, among the priorities of the company in order to increase the service quality and strengthen its b...

Ergin Kauçuk works on the principle of customer focus in the ship rubber sector, knows the sector well, knows the expectations of its customers and defines new expectations and aims at the highest level of satisfaction, has creative manpower and uses technology in this direction, reliable, ef...

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